Introducing HeyForm - A New Simple Form App

event registration form with payment

Hey all! My name is Luo Baishun, the product owner of HeyForm.

It’s a very special time when HeyForm was born - billions of people’s lives were heavily affected by the COVID-19. While our team was locked down at home, some ideas flashed to our minds on a brain-storm meeting.

We were trying to get our company website redesigned - since it’s powered by a static website generator called HeyGo (it’s not a public product though), adding a contact form wasn’t that easy without an external endpoint, so we tried to research and find the existed solutions around the Internet, unfortunately, after trying several online form apps, we didn’t get through.

It took me just several days to convert the ideas into the PRD and the prototypes, even though I realized we have a long roadmap to go with, I managed to pick up some core features to start up as an MVP.

Then my partner Wu Qin (well known as nickname Mufeng) started to code it as if he was composing a poem, it didn’t take long and the endpoint API just got up and running perfectly. We didn’t stop moving on - 2 weeks later we have a very first version of dashboard interface, and then the integration ability.

Now we realize it’s time to take it into the market, we are adding new features to HeyForm on a weekly basis. Should you have any suggestions or feature requests, feel free to use the link (it’s made by HeyForm) to share with us.