How to create the ideal online registration form?

How to create the ideal online registration form

Creating a registration form is one of the first steps in the process of organizing an event. It is this form that allows you to register event participants and collect information that will allow you to fine-tune your organization.

It is therefore essential in the process of organizing your event and therefore requires special attention on your part. The smooth running of your event is partly due to the quality of your online registration form. We have compiled some valuable tips here to help you create the perfect online registration form, and thus ensure the successful organization of your event.

HeyForm: an online registration solution.

HeyForm is an online form creation tool that you should have on hand when preparing for an event. It has the advantage of helping you not only create and manage the fields and information in your online forms but also to help you sell tickets and registration for your event. HeyForm allows you to create your registration forms based on your needs and the particularities of your event. Any information you collect in this process will be used only by you. The security of the HeyForm platform must therefore be in place!

In addition, make sure that the creation process is quick and easy, and does not require the talent of a computer expert. Also, HeyForm imperatively has all the functionalities allowing you to create your ideal online registration form according to the needs of your event; and to manage all the participants to your event.

Customize your form.

A successful registration form is a personalized form. Always take into account the type of participant who is interested in your event in order to best personalize your form. You do not ask for the same information if you are organizing a festival as if you are preparing a workshop or a conference. Put yourself from the participants’ point of view and imagine what information they would be willing to share with an organization they more or less trust.

The types of responses expected may be different. HeyForm is a solution that offers them all: text field, text box, drop-down menu, send file, date, check box, country. HeyForm also allows you to create custom fields. The personalization of the form also involves its graphic aspect. The organized event must be visible through the form. Of course, you should not accumulate colors and images, at the risk of appearing unprofessional and spoiling the visual aspect. The simplest and safest option is to play with colors in the background, buttons, or text.

Collect the essentials and aim right

When you start organizing an event, collecting as much information as possible about your participants is essential for your preparation. The idea of asking for a multitude of them in your registration form is even more appealing if you do not plan to stop at that particular event. However, don’t give in to this temptation! The information collected must be relevant and appropriate. Consider what you really need to know to make the event a success.

The questions asked should be concise and precise. Mention the mandatory nature of certain information if you feel the need. Add a comment below the field in question if necessary. Categorizing fields according to their relationship to the participant is also a tip to put into practice.

All in all, there are a number of small tips that can help you create and share the ideal registration form for the events you organize. It is important for this essential step of your event to take into account not only your needs but also and especially those of your future participants!

Facilitate access to the registration form.

The simplicity of the registration process depends mainly on the functionalities. HeyForm allows you to easily share registration links with guests. Share them by e-mail, in a newsletter, on your website, and on social networks… no matter which channel you choose, attendees can easily access the event registration form easily.

To make it even easier for them to take advantage of your services, you will be able to pre-complete a few boxes on the registration form for them, thanks to the information you already have about them. This information can be related to their identity, their place of service, etc. This procedure will greatly simplify registration and encourage more participants to take the plunge!

Make registration faster.

Whether it’s your first event or the ninth in a long list, special emphasis should always be placed on speeding up registration for participants. Several actions can make it easier for individuals to register for your event or club. The first action to take is to specify in real-time the total number of seats available for sale. This technique can prove to guests that the event is in demand and expected by many people. The fewer seats available, the faster attendees will register.

The willingness to register will be all the stronger and the action of registering will follow without delay. The speed of registration also includes the time it will take a person to finalize his or her registration. Specifying the number of sections or pages to be filled in as you go along will give the person filling out the form an indication of how much time he or she has left to finalize registration. You can also give a clear indication of how long it may take to complete the form.

Include proposed responses.

Filling out a registration form can be tedious for the user. Therefore, feel free to include a few drop-down menus with suggested answers to facilitate this information-filling process. If your form requires you to answer a very large number of questions, the participant will not need to manually enter all of his or her answers.

HeyForm also allows you to automatically send emails to confirm to the participant that the registration has been registered.

Insert relevant information.

The main function of the registration form is to allow participants to register for your event. It must therefore provide them with certain information that will be useful to them and give them more details about the organization. The name of the event is the first thing that should appear on your form.

The date of the event and its location is also essential information that should be available from the form. Feel free to insert a Google Maps link to show the location of your event. Also, add a concise presentation of the event containing some useful information for your participants. The importance of this small information is real and allows you to convince future participants to register for your event.

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