Benefits of Using Online Forms

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Are you still using paper forms in your daily operations and want to improve your processes? Using online forms will save your company money while optimizing data collection and analysis. Want to know more? HeyForm explains in this article the benefits of using online forms.

What is an Online Form?

Forms are documents that have been used for years in various business sectors, for example for work orders, inspections, audits, investigations, or delivery notes, among others. Online forms are the digital version of paper forms, which can be completed via an application, on a smartphone or tablet. This allows companies to collect information more accurately and securely. And on top of that, it contributes to environmental protection!

With paper forms, data collection is also a generally long and tedious process, often involving errors and oversights. Once all the necessary information has been collected, it is often necessary to manage large amounts of data awaiting classification, processing, and analysis. Double data entry is then inevitable to digitize the collected data. By using online forms, you manage all this information quickly and easily: forms are filled out in the field on a smartphone or tablet, and the data is directly digitized and centralized.

Benefits of HeyForm Online Forms

HeyForm is an online form platform. You create your forms with the Form Builder and then fill them up through smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

HeyForm makes your processes easier with many advantages:

  • Widgets
    Make data collection easier with numerous widgets: sign, take pictures, draw, calculate, etc.
  • Imports and exports
    Import your databases to facilitate form filling and export the collected data to Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Integrations
    Save time on your processes by integrating HeyForm with your usual tools, such as CRM or ERP.
  • PDF
    Customize and email your PDF report in real-time.
  • Instructions
    Pre-fill a form and send a work instruction to one of your employees, with real-time follow-up.
  • Drag & drop form builder
    Create customizable forms using drag & drop feature without any coding skills required.

Besides, HeyForm is also secured. You collect and store data securely. Take a step forward and digitize your online forms with HeyForm!