How To Create A Form That Works?

How To Create A Form That Works?

How do we create a great form? This is a question that often comes up during an online project.

The creation of forms is a key element for the development of your online project. Our new venture HeyForm offers a drag and drop form building platform which now getting popular day after day. With good copywriting and a personalized design, you can do wonders with HeyForm!

HeyForm is a simple, intuitive, elegant, and powerful tool that allows you to create forms, surveys, questionnaires, etc., All with a clear design.

You have the possibility to use pre-established form templates or to choose to create them yourself, with a large list of possible fields such as date, location, email, file deposit, credit card, etc.

Everything is customizable and configurable on HeyForm. That’s why when entrepreneurs want to create a form, they think about HeyForm that offers: simplicity, manageability, design, reasonable price for the paid offer.

This article will cover the following 3 points:

1. Anything can be done with the HeyForm form builder

  • Event Registration
  • How to get in touch
  • Appointment Reservation
  • Know the satisfaction of its customers or employees
  • Create a quiz
  • Allow users to register on a waiting list
  • Collect feedbacks encountered by users on your site or with your products/services
  • Open your blog to guest articles and collect ideas for themes
  • Co-create a product with your community
  • Poll
  • Emergency Report
  • Collecting feedback to develop your brand identity
  • Payment Form

And many others… HeyForm’s great strength is its ability to adapt to any use and project. For example, at Heyooo, we use HeyForm for our partnership requests. This allows us to gather information in a single table so that we can follow up over time.

This form allows us to collect the following information:

  • The type of partnership desired
  • The partner’s email address
  • The description of the project
  • The size of the partner’s audience

2. An excellent tool, with many advantages

  • Elegant and beautiful design, both for the user and the administrator.
  • Intuitive operation, in tune with the times
  • No design or coding skills required
  • Graphic customization
  • Media integration possible (video content, image)
  • Responsive design (for display on shelves or smartphones)
  • Organization of the fun questionnaire with a drag & drop system
  • One-click changes
  • Possibility to have a real-time preview
  • A fully customizable form with several options available: drop-down list, multiple-choice questions, score from 1 to 10, voting, date, email address, free field, etc.

3. If one pushes the use of HeyForm one step further, it is also possible to

  • Returning people who responded to your survey via Facebook ads.
  • Be notified directly by email when a person has answered your questionnaire.
  • Analyze and track questionnaire performance through statistics.
  • Integrate the form with Google Analytics.
  • Place a conversion pixel on your forms.

Connect your HeyForm to another application. This is very useful to peel the answers obtained or to avoid having to fill in the information manually. This way, every time a team member spots a technical problem on the site, he or she can fill out a form describing the problem encountered.

Now it’s your turn!

How do you use HeyForm? We will be happy to discuss this great tool with you, just go through our website at or drop us a query at [email protected]