How to get the most out of your HeyForm Survey!

Here are 6 quick tips to make your questionnaire more accessible and engaging.

How to get the most out of your HeyForm Survey!
How to get the most out of your HeyForm Survey!

A good survey is clear, well defined, and friendly - the more approachable your survey is, the more accurate your responses and analysis will be. Here are 6 quick tips to make your questionnaire more accessible and engaging:

1. Outline your goals, and make sure your audience knows them too!

Knowing the big picture behind the tasks you need to perform greatly compounds your dedication to them. So don’t be afraid to be upfront with your audience - tell them why we want to hear from them. This will increase how invested they are in your survey. They’ll love to know that you value their opinions too!

You can use the HeyForm “statement” tool to customize your descriptions!

2. Make it Conversational

To ensure organic responses, do your best to make the phrasing sound relaxed and friendly. You’re much more likely to engage when you’re in a comfortable and familiar space. It’s a good idea to avoid unnecessary terms and make the user feel like they’re talking to a friend.

For example, instead of: “Rate Our Performance”, try “From a scale of 1-10, how did you like your service?”, or use the HeyForm ‘Rating’ question.

3. Keep it short and simple, and make every question count.

Studies show that people get tired of surveys at around 5 minutes or 15 questions. If you have more than 20 questions in your survey, you might just have to recheck your content.

Ideally, you want your audience to be engaged with the content till the very end, and not get overwhelmed. Try to avoid questions that aren’t directly impactful to your study. Ensure that you put thought into every single question, and strictly avoid being repetitive!

For insights on how long it takes your average user to complete your HeyForm, check out ‘Duration’ under your analytics. Use this to curate your questions to fit right in the attention span sweet spot.

4. Try to avoid open-ended questions as much as possible.

And if your HeyForm has to be a bit more on the longer side, no worries! Make the form less time consuming and easy to answer by including close-ended questions as much as possible. While open-ended questions are great to give you in-depth insight, these make it much easier for you to consolidate the data and form clearer analysis.

5. Ask one question at a time.

You need real conclusive data to make a clear analysis, so try not to merge questions, this can confuse the participant and cause muddled up data.

For example, avoid questions like “How did you like the utility and cost-effectiveness of our product?”.

Since ‘utility’ and ‘cost effectiveness’ refer to different parameters, try to split the question into two instead!

6. Personalize your survey!

Know and learn about your audience and deliver what they’ll be comfortable with. How your survey looks plays a huge role in how engaged your respondents are.

Go ahead and use custom color schemes, add stunning background images and even input your company logo. And make sure you mix and match with all these customizable features and more on HeyForm for a fun form filling experience!


And there you have it! Make sure to use these tips to improve your questionnaire, and to spend time and attention on how you compose and organize your questions. Pay attention to relevance, context,and interest. And remember, data is most relevant based on the effectiveness of the phrasing your questions.

Happy Creating!