Interview: My first week at HeyForm
A self-introduction from the new designer, Arlene Xu.

Hello, I am Arlene Xu, the new UI/UX designer of HeyForm.

About me

Just like what Stephen Jobs calls “connecting points.” My path to becoming a designer was inspired by these words.

My educational background is finance. In college, I discovered that I like communicating with others. All the different ideas make me feel very happy. Providing solutions is what I am good at. So, after graduation, I started my job as a human resource consultant to help companies improve their human resource work. In the human resources industry, I find myself passionate about solving problems and helping others. Then I turned my career to a designer focused on improving the user experience. I study and practice, study and practice. Then, this wonderful job opportunity came.

It’s very fortunate to join HeyForm, a very efficient team. After some quick and effective paperwork, I started my job as a HeyForm employee. It still looked like a dream, but I knew I needed to get used to and catch up with the speed of this great team. HeyForm’s product is exactly what the company name says. We are building an online form platform to provide users with convenience. Users can use our product to collect opinions, ask questions, and much more.

As a member of a start-up company, challenges and happiness coexist. The high demands of completing tasks and collaborating with other team members make this work challenging. But challenges make people and products grow. With challenges, the joy of creating and completing things is huge and pleasant.

How’s the first week working experience?

In the first working week of HeyForm, my daily work was design and communication. Without going through lengthy reporting lines, each team member can talk to everyone on the team (including the company’s CEO) about their ideas and feedback. The efficient and happy team is working hard to continuously improve the product.

Words to HeyForm users

I’ll stay curious and keep learning. As a designer, as a team member of HeyForm. Should you have any words about the design of HeyForm, just let me know, I am not only designing for HeyForm, but also designing for valuable users like you.