⚡ HeyForm Weekly 2021.12.1

HeyForm Weekly Dec 2021

Hiya, good folks! It’s been a busy week at HeyForm HQ, and we’ve got some tip-top updates to share with the community.

❤️ New product features.

Here’s a list of notable updates we’ve added to HeyForm from mid-November to date.

💡 Modify the project name

We’ve added a rename feature to the project settings in the workspace. You can click on the drop-down trigger next to the project name to rename it.

⭕️ HeyForm progress bar

One of the notable updates. Now HeyForm can display a progress bar to show respondents how much of the online form they’ve completed so far. You can activate the “progress bar” inside the form settings.

⚙️ New Integromat Integration

Now you can create your customized HeyForm scenario with Integromat. Connect your form with Integromat and automate your workflow.

✅ HeyForm is SSR-ready

Server-side rendering (SSR) is an application’s ability to convert HTML files on the server into a fully rendered HTML page for the client.

We’ve recently implemented server-side rendering so that you can conveniently embed public HeyForms on other pages and apps.

🆒 New Improvements

  • Custom Domains: Pro users can set their custom domains in the workspace. Custom domains allow you to make the form accessible at your own, non-HeyForm domain names (for example, yourcustomdomain.com). The process is quite straightforward, and after DNS verification, HeyForm will issue an SSL certificate for your domain.
  • Form Settings: We’ve rearranged the form settings page to provide a better user experience. And we’ve created a separate section for the “form status.”
  • HeyForm Workspace: We’ve categorized the workspace settings.

That’s it for now, but we’ve got more cool stuff planned in the roadmap. 😉

Until then,
Mighil Puthhukkudy.
Full-stack Marketer at HeyForm.