How to Use A Lead Generation Form Template to Boost Conversions

Well-crafted lead generation form templates would save your time to acquire B2B and enterprise-level leads. Read on to learn more.

How to Use A Lead Generation Form Template to Boost Conversions
How to Use A Lead Generation Form Template to Boost Conversions

A company website serves many purposes. Primarily, a business website represents your brand identity. It lists your services, offerings, and expertise. It’s also your best medium to showcase why you are better than competitors.

It doesn’t end there. A website is capable of doing more. A business website should convert its visitors into leads or prospects. And if it doesn’t, the website isn’t providing any value to your business offerings.

This is where lead generation forms come in. These forms are extremely important if you want to generate qualified prospects. And every single lead generation form on your website should be functional and optimized as well.

What are lead generation forms?

If you are running a B2B model company, your daily task involves collecting business quotes. And a lead generation form is a type of contact form that’s functionally optimized to ask the right questions and collect the best answers.

A simple lead generation form should collect the lead’s name, email address, and business info. And these are some of the mandatory fields you should gather in most cases.

The effectiveness of lead generation forms

A lead generation form is somewhat effective if it’s onboarding clients. But you shouldn’t settle for a “somewhat effective” lead generation form.

Every company has its marketing goals and KPIs. And it’s advised to create a lead generation form adhering to your key growth goals.

An ideal lead generation form:

  1. Generates a maximum number of qualified leads
  2. Facilitates in collecting the right set of information. Meaning, the potential leads shouldn’t get distracted, which leads to bounce or incompleted form entires.

Here’s an example:

Let’s assume you run a creative development agency. Your lead generation form’s primary goal is to ask the client the right questions. First off, you should ask for their contact details. Next up, you must ask the client to share their company details. And after that, give the lead an option to choose between services you provide. You may end the form by providing an input field to collect the budge details.

How to create an effective lead generation form?

There are several ways to do this. While a traditional CRM works okay, it isn’t easy to manage and track the data if you are using a complex CRM pipeline.

On the other hand, online form generation tools like HeyForm are easy, to begin with. Our product ships with an intuitive drag & drop form builder, analytics dashboard, and third-party integrations.

It’s advised to run A/B tests on each lead generation form you create. Test multiple versions before finalizing your core version.

And it’s recommended to make certain optional fields according to the demography you are targeting. Some people prefer emails over phone calls. So you needn’t set your phone number as a required field.

Why use a lead generation form template?

A perfect lead generation form template would help you save valuable time. At HeyForm, we’ve created a top-notch lead generation form template to use as a starter. We’ve also made several other online form templates for various industries and use-cases.