Questions to Include in an Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Questions to Include in an Employee Performance Evaluation Form

It’s essential to evaluate your employees regularly, and one of the best ways to do that is through an employee performance evaluation form.

An evaluation form can help you get concrete data on your employees’ job performance and track their progress toward department and company goals over time.

Use these questions as inspiration to make sure you cover all the bases in your employee performance evaluation form.

Communication skill

To create a healthy work environment where everyone can be successful, you must evaluate your employees based on their strengths and weaknesses. This question allows you to determine what motivates them and ways to improve.

Does your employee have excellent communication skills? Are they articulate, clear, and concise? Do they express themselves with confidence and ease? If not, it’s time for an honest performance evaluation.

Adeptness at analyzing facts, problem-solving, decision-making, and demonstrating sound judgment

While there is no singular way to judge these abilities, a fair evaluation would consider your team member’s ability to apply their skills accurately and appropriately.

Consider questions that help you evaluate your employee’s performance at work, such as: What new challenges did they take on? How did they handle a particularly challenging customer or client situation? What are their strengths and weaknesses as they relate to their job performance? How have they grown professionally since starting here?

Technical skills and job knowledge

Understanding employees’ technical skills and job knowledge is critical for any company. Technical skills are necessary because they define what tasks your employee can complete successfully.

At the same time, job knowledge refers to how much they understand their company’s products and services.

Evaluating these two areas will give you a deeper understanding of each employee’s strengths and weaknesses and highlight development opportunities that should address.

Include questions such as:

  1. How well does your employee demonstrate technical skills and knowledge relevant to their job?
  2. Are they thoroughly trained and up-to-date on new techniques and technologies?
  3. How effective are they when it comes to identifying and solving problems?
  4. Are they able to perform their duties accurately, consistently, and on time?

Interaction with coworkers

Interactions at work are necessary. Work interactions are essential for both team building, and they’ll constant feedback from close-knit team members.

While having an open dialogue with your employees can be intimidating, you should view it as receiving constructive criticism rather than negative comments. Prepare questions like these:

  1. When was their last interaction with a coworker?
  2. Did they speak with the coworker about their work or something unrelated? If so, what did they talk about?
  3. How did that conversation make them feel? Was it positive or negative?
  4. Would writing a memo be appropriate, or should it be discussed in person? What if there are positive and negative things said about their performance.

How disciplined are they in taking leave? Do they tend to take unplanned leaves?

A good employee is disciplined when it comes to taking leave. Do you know how many leaves have they availed and how disciplined they are? If no, then do evaluate their performance based on work discipline, and if they take unplanned leave frequently, that may be a red signal for you.

Have they shown any improvement in required skills over the last projects and Tasks assigned?

This is a good question for the evaluation of employee performance. If a person hasn’t shown improvement or learned new skills, it’s best to re-evaluate their profile with HRM and management.

Can the team rely on their ability to handle a task?

A good manager knows when their team can handle a project and need outside help. This question helps determine if you are relying on people’s ability enough or if you should look elsewhere for assistance.

Free employee performance evaluation form template

Need more ideas? We’ve made an employee performance evaluation form template here on Use it for free to create your evaluation forms easily. And if you want to build something afresh, use our free online form builder.