Top Questions to Include in A Catering Feedback Survey

Here are the top questions to include in your catering feedback survey so that you can make sure that every client leaves happy with their experience!

Top Questions to Include in A Catering Feedback Survey

To make your catering business even better than it already is, you need to understand what your customers want and what they don’t want. And the best way to ensure quality and satisfaction in your catering business is to ask your customers what they think.

Feedback surveys help you make positive changes that keep your catering clients coming back for more! To get great feedback from your clients about their experience with your catering services, you need to include the right questions in your feedback survey.

Here are some top questions that will help you get valuable information from your customers to make positive changes at your catering company.

How do you feel about the service staff?

Your catering feedback survey should first ask your clients how they feel about your service staff. If they have a positive experience and have no issues with their interactions, then it’s likely you’re doing everything right.

If you do receive complaints, try to understand why—customers may have unrealistic expectations or be upset by something minor, like being rushed through a meal.

Be sure that your staff is on top of serving times, food preparation, and serving styles to avoid these issues in another event.

How did you rate the quality and taste of our food?

You can save a few bucks by offering cheap food in some situations. But ultimately, customers are more likely to come back when they’re eating a good grub.

An essential component of your catering feedback survey should include an opportunity for guests to rate their meal on a scale of 1-10.

Once you’ve completed your catering feedback survey, use that data as leverage when it comes time to renegotiate with your Caterer.

How were the drinks served?

If your catering business serves drinks such as wine or beer, you’ll want to make sure it comes across smoothly.

It’s not a bad idea to include a description of how those drinks are served on your catering feedback survey.

Specifically, ask guests how long it took to receive their beverage order and if they were happy with their drink once it arrived.

How was your experience with our contract manager?

The contract manager is a liaison between you and your event planners. They must take care of all your questions and concerns throughout planning your event, so it’s essential to assess how well they are doing their job.

One way to do so is by asking, How was your experience with our contract manager? This question lets you know if there are any issues you should be aware of before they become problems at your event.

Would you use [business name] again for future events?

Satisfied customers are crucial to your success. By asking them whether they would use your business again, you can get a good idea of how you’re doing.

If a high percentage of them say no, it may be time for some real soul-searching on your part. However, if most people say yes, it means that you’re already doing most things right!

Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our services?

A catering feedback survey isn’t meant to be an exercise to ask customers what they liked and disliked. It would help if you had actionable, specific input on improving.

Whether it’s feedback on your staff, food, or venue, you need a system that gives you a clear direction on how to improve. By including these types of questions in your catering feedback survey, you’ll be able to discover problems before they get worse and identify areas where your business needs improvement.

Free catering feedback survey template

If you run a catering agency, feel free to use our catering feedback survey template to gather responses from your customers. And if you want to build a new feedback survey template from scratch, start an account with HeyForm online form builder right now.