Lead Generation Simplified with HeyForm

Lead Generation Simplified with HeyForm

Lead generation is no easy task, especially in B2B. But today, the market is so competitive that one can’t afford to sit idle expect business to develop only by word of mouth. This is precisely the challenge Mark set out to solve, for his web and mobile app development startup. Though serving a good number of reliable clients, Mark realized that he had to put more effort into capturing more leads and closing deals, to keep his company growing.

Getting Started with Lead Generation

The general definition of a lead is a person or business that is interested in purchasing the products or services of your company. But Mark went deeper, and came up with his own system. “I classify leads into opt-ins, marketing leads and sales leads. Each of them has to be addressed differently” says Mark. “An opt-in is someone that provides you with their information. They expect communication from you. So, I would add them to my mailing list. But I need to be GDPR compliant. The next category is marketing lead. That’s usually someone who shares their contact information. Based on what webpages they have visited or what content they have downloaded, I know that he or she is more likely to become customer compared to an opt-in lead. Then there is a sales lead. That’s a lead that has been assessed by a sales person, and is almost ready to buy my service” Mark explains.

What’s really worked for Mark is his strategy of using online forms. He’s 5 examples of how Mark has been using HeyFrom:

  1. Free trial

In most cases, a free trial of your service or product, is something that any customer would find attractive. So this something that they are very likely to click on. Always remember to place the free trial form in several prominent locations on your website. A strong CTA also helps. Make it as easy as possible for prospects to sign up – only asking for the information that is absolutely required for you to take the next steps. The less the trouble of signing up, the more like they are to complete the process.

  1. Events

Events are wonderful ways of attracting leads. From webinars, town halls and even interviews, to expos and exhibitions, events have always had given good returns to Mark. Prospects love events because they are likely to walk away with valuable information. Be it virtual or physical, the events you host can lead to valuable connections with prospects and potentially result in several deal closures. Mark uses Heyform to get his audience to sign up for events. He usually shares these forms on his social media channels and embeds it on landing pages. Add in a referral code, and the leads just come pouring in.

  1. Gated content

White papers, product brochures and case studies are the best examples of content that a prospect would pay a price to read. Not actual money, but their contact information. And they do this because of genuine interest. Since the content is always exclusive, gated content is also a proven method to earn qualified leads and prove content RoI. A HeyForm to collect contact information and preferences from these prospects, ensures that they encounter no hassle, while remaining GDPR compliant.

  1. Paid ad campaign landing pages

Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a big part of digital marketing. Mark has found it effective to direct the prospect to a landing page with his best performing content. A well placed HeyForm here can capture all the necessary information to qualify leads. Even if the form is longer than usual, it is still a good filter, as you can be sure that those prospects that complete the form are genuinely interested. The powerful backend logic that HeyForm provides can be used to ensure that spam is weeded out.

  1. Feedback

If you don’t actively seek feedback from customers, the only time you might hear from them would be when they have complaints. An easy-to-use HeyForm can be shared with your prospects and clients to understand what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong. Businesses like Mark’s use HeyForm to continuously improve their customer relations and delivery process.