How to Create a Movie Feedback Survey

Here are some questions to include in your movie feedback survey to receive constructive criticism from your viewers.

How to Create a Movie Feedback Survey

Once you’ve finished filming your indie film, you’ll want to know how your audience received it and how you can improve on your next effort.

A movie feedback survey is an excellent way to get all the opinions and thoughts of the people who saw your movie in one place—so you can study the results, learn from them, and apply what you’ve learned to your next film.

Here are some questions to include in your movie feedback survey to receive constructive criticism from your viewers and use it to make better movies in the future.

General questions to include

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Compared to other indie films you’ve seen, how would you rank the entertainment value of this movie?
  • Compared to other indie films you’ve seen, how would you rate the production quality of this movie?

Would you recommend it to friends?

If you wouldn’t recommend it, what didn’t you like? Was there anything missing from it? Were there things that could have been better explained?

Are they too similar to other movies in their genre (e.g., science fiction movies)? If so, why do they stand out as memorable or noteworthy?

Conversely, if you would recommend it, what would you say to them about it, and why did you enjoy watching it so much?

What could have been better?

Everyone has an opinion on how movies could be better; it’s one of those universal topics that anyone can chime in on. That’s why it makes sense to include questions about your favorite and least favorite movie aspects in your feedback survey.

This will allow you to collect opinions from your entire audience and help you improve future movies by understanding what does (and doesn’t) work for them. You can also ask questions about individual scenes or characters for a more in-depth study.

Make sure you give people an opportunity to voice theirs by asking about what could make your movies even better—or specifically which scenes they wanted to see more of or were disappointed didn’t get enough screen time.

Likewise, finding out when viewers thought certain parts were unnecessary is a great way to gather information on how long viewers believe certain types of clips should last during a movie presentation.

What was your favorite part?

The first part of your survey should ask respondents what they liked best about your movie. An excellent way to keep it open-ended is with another option, followed by, If you could pick one thing, what would it be?

This will allow you to get feedback on specific aspects of your film that you might not have considered and can help guide you as you make future movies.

You can even use these answers as potential taglines for your marketing campaign!

What is your favorite movie?

There’s no such thing as a wrong question, but asking for your audience’s opinion is one of them. Asking What’s your favorite movie? leads only to an answer you can guess at, and if your survey is long enough, you may be better off separating these sorts of questions from others that could answer with numbers.

What are your favorite movie genres?

The most common favorite genres are crime, fantasy, comedy, and romance. Keep in mind that these genres are not mutually exclusive. For example, your survey participants could like both comedies and crime movies. The Hangover is an example of a comedic film about crime.

Free movie feedback survey template

If you are an independent or feature filmmaker, feel free to use our movie feedback survey template to gather responses from your preview audience. And if you want to build a new feedback survey template from scratch, start an account with HeyForm online form builder right now.