Online Registration and Consent is Easy with HeyForm

Online Registration and Consent is Easy with HeyForm

Paper based forms are a pain. Printing them out in volume, too bulky to carry around, getting them physically filled out and filing and storing them. This was a huge headache for Bapi, who runs a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gym in Bangalore, India. Every time a new student joined his class, every time a tournament was held, the joining and consent forms alone created hours of paperwork. When one of his students told him about online forms, Bapi knew that it was the way to go.

More Privacy and Control with HeyForm

In the past, Bapi relied on paper forms to collect registration information, liability waivers and medical releases from parents, before the start of each batch of students. The problem, however, was that these paper forms were stored in binders. A couple of incidents of missing student information forms awoke Bapi to the possibility that this sensitive data could be accessed by any number of people using the gym.

“I’m sure nobody would do anything mischievous with this information, but it’s just not something that another student, parent or even some of my staff, need access to” Bapi said.

HeyForm’s flexible design and easy to use templates enabled Bapi to quickly convert his joining and consent forms into elegant online forms that could be shared via email, social media or even embedded on his gym’s website. Another huge benefit was the added security layers in the form and the storage database, ensuring the security of the private information and that only authorised persons had access.

Transparency every step of the Way

When students and their parents fill out the online form, Bapi receives a notification email with the information inserted into a pre-set template, complete with his gym’s branding. This is available as a downloadable PDF. Students and parents also receive a copy of the PDF form, via an autoresponder email.

“I wanted the new online form to look the same as all the scanned forms that I have in my archives,” Bapi said. “HeyForm gives me that flexibility, and I think a lot of businesses would appreciate it.”

For tournaments, all submitted information could be exported as CSV files to archive the data. Bapi also leveraged HeyForm to send copies of the original PDF to the government sport authorities, to ensure regulatory compliance. Additionally, crucial medical information is also sent via autoresponder emails to the tournament venues to be available on site, in case of an emergency.

HeyForm is Available Anywhere, Anytime

Once the form is ready, Bapi usually sends it to students via a dedicated link. If a student hasn’t filled out the registration form before coming to a scheduled gym session, Bapi uses the form on a mobile device or his tablet to collect the information he needs, right then and there.

“The fact that my students can access HeyForm on a tablet is very useful,” Bapi said. “I can set it up at an event and it probably saves about 4 hours of someone’s work at the registration desk and the certificate desk. The data is automatically available with HeyForm’s help”

A Comprehensive Online Form

With HeyForm, Bapi was able to optimize his gym’s workflow. He solved the challenge of getting the information into software tools, via google sheets, helping his gym run like clockwork and keep track of student details.

HeyForm enables business owners like Bapi to do more with existing forms, turning them into customizable online forms. The collected information can be stored, used to fill out a template, exported and shared as a PDF form, and sent to other software tools in your organization’s workflow.