Few Questions to Include in a Refund Request Form

To streamline your refund process, here are a few questions you should consider adding to your refund request form.

Few Questions to Include in a Refund Request Form

If you are selling items online and shipping them to the buyer, it's essential to include a refund request form with your package that your customer can fill out if they want to return or exchange their purchase.

Refund request forms allow you to process their refund quickly, without having to contact them or keep tabs on whether or not they are returning the item or maintaining it.

To streamline your refund process, here are a few questions you should consider adding to your refund request form.

The order number and receipt

Order numbers and receipts are required for both internal and legal reasons. You should have already saved all of your records during order fulfillment, but if you're missing any, you'll want to include a way for your customer to send them over—or vice versa. It's also crucial that each refund is assigned an order number (if possible) so you can track who has asked for what refund.

What are you requesting a refund for?

If your customer is requesting a refund, try asking why. Often, their response will point you to what went wrong. It's beneficial to note that the product was different from expected or the sizing was off.

This data allows you to tailor your refund request accordingly and collect as much information as possible while keeping customers happy. If there is no specific reason for asking for a refund, offer one of these alternatives.

Reason for cancellation

It's hard to say why customers cancel subscriptions, but asking them might help you understand how to improve their experience. In addition, refunds often come from cancellation requests—letting you know what was behind them.

Is there anything we can do to make it easier?

A solid refund request form gives shoppers everything they need, but it doesn't assume anything. An excellent refund policy makes shoppers feel like you care about them—and you want their return as little as they do.

Take an extra minute or two to personalize your return policy with well-wishes and helpful hints. If you can, include questions that will help customers return items effectively.

What result were you expecting from our product/service?

When crafting your refund request form, be sure to ask your customers what they were expecting from your product or service.

This may seem like an obvious question, but it is surprising how many businesses leave it out.

By asking for their expectations, you help frame their refund request from a more positive angle—and if you are at fault for their poor experience with your product or service, it gives you information about where and how to improve your offerings.

Form of payment used.

Asking payment methods can be important if you're issuing refunds via bank or a wire transfer system. Many customers are likely to use different forms of payment, so including that information can help cut down on delays (you might also want to keep track of how many credit cards were used and then make sure you have that many returns pre-printed).

Ensure your refund request form notes whether refunds will be issued as store credits or direct transfer.

Free refund request form

We've already prepared a refund request form for businesses like you. And if you feel like creating a new refund request form from scratch, visit heyform.net to get started with our online form builder.