Remote Hiring and Onboarding with HeyForm

Remote Hiring and Onboarding with HeyForm

Remote hiring is never an easy feat. But the COVID-19 global pandemic has left little choice to businesses like the ones owned by Adam. He runs a furniture refurbishing business, selling refurbished brand name office chairs, at deeply discounted prices. With COVID-19, Adam’s customer base switched from businesses to consumers. This meant that he had to rapidly ramp up his customer support team.

“Earlier, we were selling to businesses — small and medium companies and some large corporates. That completely changed with offices moving to remote work,” Adam said. “Pre-pandemic, selling 100 chairs meant servicing two or three new customers. Today, selling 100 chairs could mean 99 new customers. We had to staff up, and we were utilizing HeyForm throughout the hiring process,”
-Adam says.

How HeyForm helps in Remote Hiring

Adam’s challenge was to hire new customer service personnel. And he had to do it fast, to keep up with the changing customer base. To manage the incoming job applications, Adam needed a system that could integrate with his company website and easily gather and manage applicant information.

Adam could choose from one of HeyForm’s 100+ templates, and could create an application in minutes. Applicants fill out the form with their information, such as name, phone number, and address; upload a resume and cover letter; and submit their responses. The responses are automatically emailed to the hiring manager and instantly funnelled into HeyForm Database for easy organizing, and tracking.

When an application looks promising, Adam uses HeyForm to share a more detailed assessment. Since HeyForm is shared as a web page, Adam is not tied down to any particular device. With the easily customizable components in HeyForm, Adam is able to gather additional information on a candidate’s background, past work experience, and even have candidates attempt a short test or quiz.

“We were using HeyForm to better understand who we should have a telephonic interview with. With the test supported by the platform, we were effectively able to skip a step, review applications in an organized way, test on our own time, and then decide if we wanted to proceed further,” says Adam.

Onboarding made Easy

Once Adam finds the right candidates for his team, he focusses on providing a smooth and thoughtful onboarding experience. He has been using HeyForm to make onboarding easy. Right from collecting relevant documents and background information, to providing easy access to company repositories and company policies, HeyForm plays a big role.

“The goal of onboarding is for new team members to have a smooth transition into their role,” says Adam. “When someone new joins my team, I use HeyForm to handle the paperwork and formalities, equipping them with everything they need to be successful. With the HeyForm templates, I’ve been able to create an onboarding experience that is repeatable and trackable.”

Hiring Hacks using HeyForm

  1. A Recruitment Pipeline with Zapier and Trello

With Zapier, you can automate and integrate HeyForm with Trello, to help you organize your hiring needs on a single interactive board. From future hiring needs, open positions and job descriptions, to social media listing and job boards, Zapier allows you to automatically send info between HeyForm and Trello, without a single line of code.

  1. Create Job Applications in HeyForm

HeyForm can help you streamline the process of gathering quality candidates. Easily collect and manage applicant information, via easy-to-build job applications in HeyForm. Candidates can upload attachments like resumes and cover letters and HeyForm ensures that the submissions reach the hiring manager, via email. This allows eliminating delays and bottlenecks.

  1. An Interview Pipeline to Help you Stay Organized

Once the candidates have been shortlisted, you need an easy way to manage the individual interviews and further rounds, while keeping a lookout for more incoming candidates. Using HeyForm’s powerful integration with Zapier, you can leverage project management tools to build an interview pipeline. A new candidate card can be added to your project board automatically whenever the HeyForm job application is submitted. Stakeholders can be added to the card to conduct interviews for respective roles. Documents like resumes and cover letters, can also be attached. This is the best way to stay organized while scheduling interviews, so as to stay on top of candidates who may be in different stages of your hiring pipeline.

  1. Scorecards and Evaluation Forms in HeyForm

Using the versatile components of HeyForm, you can easily create candidate evaluation forms for the interview panellists. This can include a rating scale, descriptive feedback fields and space for comments regarding next steps.

  1. Onboarding Formalities with HeyForm

Nobody likes the pile of paperwork that needs to be filled out and signed on the first day on the job. With HeyForm, you can save time, helping them complete the onboarding process online. With several security features to protect employee data, you can quickly and securely gather sensitive information including bank details, home address and more.