Few Questions to Include in a Patient Feedback Survey

Here are some questions to get you started and ensure you get the most out of your feedback from patients.

Few Questions to Include in a Patient Feedback Survey

When you’re trying to find ways to improve your patient experience, you need to make sure that you ask the right questions in your survey.

If your survey is poorly designed, you may get meaningless data or information that doesn’t help you improve your practice.

So, what should you include in your patient feedback survey? Here are some questions to get you started and ensure you get the most out of your feedback from patients and other stakeholders.

What can you do to improve this experience?

Your patients can’t tell you what they want, but they can help identify problem areas by giving honest feedback. Engage your patients by asking them these three questions:

  • What could we do better?
  • How would you rate our staff and services?
  • What would be the one thing that makes our medical center stand out above all others?

They’ll help guide your business—and provide insights that could be useful for improvisations. After each survey, review your responses and learn from them.

If there are any apparent trends or recurring themes, go back and do a deeper dive into that area of your business. It’s easy to address issues if you know what they are.

How likely are you to recommend our practice?

This is a critical question, especially if you hope to grow your business. If patients don’t feel like they would recommend your practice, they might not return and can harm your reputation.

Make sure you ask them why they might not feel comfortable or confident in recommending you; adjust staff or office procedures accordingly.

Ask them how satisfied they were with their experience at your practice and let them know that their feedback is greatly appreciated. ____ How do we compare with other local businesses?

How was your first visit with us?

Be sure to include an open-ended question that asks patients what they liked best about their experience.

Patients who were especially pleased with their visit are also more likely to write positive reviews, and it will also help you pinpoint what areas your team is excelling at and which ones might need some extra attention.

Overall, how would you rate your visit today?

You could include questions such as:

_____ out of _____ (excellent, good, average, poor) __________.

What do you think we could do better?

Were you Seen on time? (Yes/No/Don’t remember)

Are there things you’d like us to improve about our practice or staff? If so, please list them:

  • How would you rate our staff’s friendliness and professionalism?
  • Would you recommend our office to your friends and family members? Why or why not?

Is there anything we could have done better during your visit?

If there’s one thing that sets high-quality providers apart from those of lower quality, it’s how they go out of their way to ask for feedback and how they use that feedback.

If you want your practice to get better, don’t forget about asking patients how you can improve!

Every office should have a process for receiving feedback from patients, and every staff member should know what to do with patient comments. Here are some great questions for getting started

Is there anything else we should know about your visit today?

Sometimes patients think they can get away with not answering one of these questions.

Don’t let them catch you off guard! Think about any outstanding concerns you may have or if anything was confusing about your visit, and make sure to voice them.

If you still don’t know what else you should be asking your doctor, say so – it won’t hurt your cause!

Free patient feedback form template

If you are a medical center or clinic needing a free patient feedback survey template, you are in luck. We’ve got you covered. Need something new? you could create a new form using our free online form builder.