What to Look for in An Online Form Builder

Form builders are an essential tool for most modern companies. Here's what to look for in an online form builder.

What to Look for in An Online Form Builder

An online form builder can be handy whether you run an e-commerce store, want to collect information from your customers, or create an event registration page on your website.

And form builders are an excellent way to boost your conversions and gain valuable information from your customers or members of your audience.

There are quite a few options, so it can be challenging to know which one to choose. Here are some essential things to consider when researching different online form builders for your business.

No-code approach

If you or one of your team members does not have strong coding skills, it is best to find a form builder that requires little or no coding skills. Most form builders have predefined templates that do not need coding but double-check before making your final choice.

Easy to use

At HeyForm, we believe intuitiveness plays a significant role in achieving the best UX. A professional form builder will allow users to create various forms with visual options and a simple block-based process. The form builder should come with real-time saves and let users preview how the online form will appear before publication.


Every form builder should offer online form templates, which are the foundation of the product. You need to find a provider that offers high-quality form templates that work well and give you freedom in design.

Note: HeyForm offers over 100 online form templates for free and paid users. Get started here.


Customization of form templates is essential, particularly when it comes to branding. Typography and color management should be basic features that an online form builder should ship.

Platform integrations

You’ll need to transfer data from one app to another for a comprehensive data management strategy. For this reason, when choosing a form builder, look for one that allows you to integrate with your most frequently used platforms. And FYI, HeyForm integrates with a multitude of platforms.

Audience Management

An excellent online form builder would make it easier to create online forms for your business, allowing you to build and target an audience as diverse as your business. As a business owner, you should stop wasting time on tedious data entry tasks and use the form builder to reach out to clients across many platforms.

Analytics & Data Management

A dashboard that combines the results with insightful graphics can help you better analyze survey responses, identify problem areas in your forms, and give you a clearer sense of how users interact with forms on your site. HeyForm is equipped with a neat dashboard to review your form analytics.

Customer support

A dedicated customer support team should be available to help when you need assistance. They can answer questions and offer guidance, and they can help you resolve any problems that arise at any time of day.


An online form builder must ensure complete 256-bit SSL, PCI DSS Level encryption for data transfer and hosting on a secure cloud infrastructure.


Online form builders are an essential tool for most modern companies, whether you’re working in e-commerce, SaaS, or business development.

With any of these businesses, it’s crucial to have a form builder that provides you with the functionality you need to convert your visitors into customers (or clients or customers).

And we believe HeyForm can be the best choice for people who want something simple yet robust and secure. Sign up with HeyForm today to create beautiful online forms for free!