5 Reasons Why You Need an Opt-In Form on Your Website

Here are five reasons you need an opt-in form on your website. We have also included a free opt-in form template along with this article.

5 Reasons Why You Need an Opt-In Form on Your Website

Signing up for an email list has never been easier, but not all opt-in forms are created equal. Your opt-in form is your first impression with potential customers, so make sure it's branded to your company and visually appealing.

Don't forget to include special offers or the ability to win a prize to entice visitors to sign up! Here are five reasons you need an opt-in form on your website. We have also included a free opt-in form template along with this article.

An opt-in form can help you collect more emails.

Collecting email addresses from users is one of the most powerful ways to generate repeat traffic and boost sales. The more emails you collect and send content to, the more you increase your reach with each new piece of content.

There are several types of opt-in forms, including a lead magnet opt-in form, a full subscription form, or even just a simple signup box in which users can enter their name and email address—you have many options when it comes to collecting emails. Still, it's essential to choose an option that matches your website's purpose.

An opt-in form can give you higher conversion rates.

Getting people to opt into your email list lets you keep in touch with your followers and let them know about new products or content they might be interested in.

When someone opts into your email list, you have that person's contact information and can begin sending messages regularly. These messages can lead potential customers down different purchase paths.

For example, if someone subscribes for information about a new product launch and starts receiving updates about special sales, he or she might be more likely to make a future purchase when offered a discount through email.

An opt-in form builds trust with your audience.

One of your top priorities is building trust with your visitors; adding a simple signup form can do just that. It shows that you are confident in what you are offering to people and want them to get it right away.

A strong signup form also permits you to reach out via email to stay top of mind with them (which leads us nicely into reason number two).

In short, having a free giveaway or free resource that people can download or read when they subscribe shows your visitors that you are honest and have value for them.

It makes them more likely to purchase from you and refer others to your site. This helps create trust between you and potential customers, which goes a long way in converting traffic into sales or subscribers.

An opt-in form helps you improve relationships with your customers.

An opt-in form can help you build better relationships with your customers by collecting information about their interests and preferences.

This lets you send them emails that are more relevant to them. Customers appreciate it when companies take an interest in their personal lives and give them relevant information, rather than just selling more stuff to them all the time.

Opt-in forms on your website are a great way to ensure that your customers feel like they're getting real value from you instead of just receiving constant sales pitches.

When it comes down to it, people will trust you more if they feel like they know you and what matters to you—and taking advantage of their contact info is a great way to start building that relationship right away.

An opt-in form brings value to your readers.

No matter what type of business you're in, offering something of value to your readers will always be a good idea. When it comes to opt-in forms, that value can take many different forms.

Some opt-in forms offer free ebooks or whitepapers; others will ask for contact information in exchange for regular updates or tips.

The key is that your opt-in form brings value to your audience; it needs to provide information worth signing up for (and ideally should be enough to get readers excited about opting in).

Free opt-in form template

You can use our ready-made opt-in form template to get started. And if you want to build an online application form from scratch, sign up today with our free online form builder.