7 Customer Feedback Questions to Improve Your Business

These seven customer feedback questions are great starting points for getting your customers talking

7 Customer Feedback Questions to Improve Your Business

Customers are the lifeblood of your business – without them, you don't have a company to operate. But collecting customer feedback can be challenging, especially if you haven't asked the right questions before. The key to an effective customer feedback survey is knowing what information you need and how you plan to use it in your business strategy.

These seven customer feedback questions are great starting points for getting your customers talking and giving you the information you need to make intelligent decisions about where you focus your business energy next.

1) How was your experience?

Do customers feel like their issue was resolved and left with a better experience? Were they satisfied with how long it took for their call to get answered or when they visited your store? How often do customers come back after their first experience?

These questions can help identify areas of improvement that will lead to happier customers and more significant profits.

2) What do you wish we had done differently?

Don't know what your customers want or what they wish you would change? Find out with a simple What do you expect we had done differently question. It will give clues about what your customers loved and, more importantly, what they didn't like (and why).

3) How could we improve our product/service?

This helpful and simple question gives a better idea of how you can improve your product or service. When asking customers how they feel about your product or service, don't ask in a way that's leading (such as We are unique, right?) because most people won't give an honest answer.

Instead, try asking them what they like most and least about it. And get specific—what exactly do they like/dislike? Are there any features that need to be added or removed? What problems are caused by these features (if any)? Get their input! Ensure you're listening carefully and not just waiting for an opening to make a sales pitch.

4) How did you first hear about us?

The question gives you insight into how strong your brand awareness is. If several people are giving you similar answers, they likely learned about your business from a common source—like a recommendation or an online search. If every customer has a unique reply, that could be a sign that you need to reach more people with your marketing message. It's also helpful for gauging word of mouth and referrals.

5) What do you think makes us unique?

Most customers will have a similar answer for what makes your company different. That's because you want them to talk about things that differentiate you from your competitors, like price or quality.

Dig deeper to understand what they value most in your product, and don't be afraid to ask them why. This will help you discover why they choose your business over others and how you can improve in those areas.

6) What would make us better than the competition?

Understand what you have to offer that your competitors don't. What can you do better than other companies in your field? This is also an excellent way to decide if entering a particular market might be a smart move for your company. After all, there's no sense in spending time and energy on an idea that has already been done. Focus on learning about areas where customers are saying, "Yes, we want!." And then work on making those things happen in an even better way.

If you focus on helping people solve problems, they didn't even realize they had—problems they might not know how or where to address—you will find yourself with happy customers and a thriving business.

7) How likely are you to recommend us?

Your customers will give a rating on a scale of one to ten. However, it isn't always that simple. You might ask them why and what needs improving if they give a rating lower than eight. This allows you to dig deeper into why they gave such a low score and will enable you to rectify that issue for future customers. Plus, if customers love your company and services, there are no bonuses more rewarding than brand advocates!

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