How to Create A Survey That Builds Brand Awareness

Easy and helpful tips on how to create a survey that builds brand awareness. Free online form template included.

How to Create A Survey That Builds Brand Awareness

Having a product or service that you're proud of and know better than what your competitors are offering is great. However, the sad reality is that this will not get you far. You're only at the very start of your journey. This game of growing your business is all about gaining new customers and increasing your revenue, and the best way to play it is through brand awareness.

Think about the company that comes to mind when you're given the word "phone." What about "cola"? "Shoes"? The brands, products, and logos that popped into your mind have all mastered the branding game—and you can do it too!

To get there, you must first understand where your brand stands.

What’s A Brand Awareness Survey?

It’s time to get your online form builder ready if you want to assess the level of brand awareness and perception among your target market. Brand awareness surveys gather direct feedback on various aspects of your brand, including:

  • Brand Recognition. This is to gauge how familiar consumers are with your brand.
  • Brand Recall. This is to determine if your brand comes to mind when considering a product or service.
  • Brand Identity. This is to understand if your company's mission and vision are recognized and understood.
  • Brand Image. This is to discover what people envision when they think about your brand.

What Are The Benefits Of Measuring Brand Awareness?

Online surveys are the best ways to reach and interact with your audience. With a few brand awareness questions, you can stay one step ahead of the competition to gain insight into consumer perceptions, preferences, needs, and issues.

The knowledge you'll gain from your survey will be priceless because of how customer-focused the modern online marketplace is right now.

Below are some of the advantages you’ll enjoy when you measure brand awareness:

  1. Strong brand recognition benefits your bottom line. When more people are already aware of your brand and its products, you won't need to spend too much on advertising! This is why you need to understand your brand awareness metrics and keep an eye out for changes.
  2. Improve your brand strategy. Track what works as you implement efforts to raise awareness, then amplify them. This will help you shape your strategy to fit what your target audience responds to.
  3. Attract new customers. With brand awareness surveys, you'll be able to understand what strategies attract new customers to your brand.

How Do I Create An Effective Brand Awareness Survey?

Surveys are great for brands and companies but can be a chore for the people answering them. So it's crucial to keep the overall survey experience positive for your customers. Make sure your questions are clear, concise, and straightforward.

Here are more tips for creating a good brand awareness survey.

Choose The Right Respondents

Before you begin creating your survey, you must first identify who your target respondents are. In most circumstances, you want to gauge brand recognition within a particular segment of customers who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. One thing you don't want to do is to aim your survey at the general population, as your survey results won't end up being useful in the long run.

Targeting the proper demographic with your survey ensures that you'll have a better understanding of how well your brand is recognized within your particular industry and how you compare to your main competitors.

Make It Interactive

Keeping consumers glued to your survey comes down to the experience you create for them. To maintain their interest and motivation to complete the survey, you must immerse and engage your respondents. This could feature conversational questioning, interactive graphics, and creative question formats.

The survey platform you'll use will determine if these features are offered, so be careful to choose one with an appealing survey design.

If you're going for the simpler route, just make sure you're designing for the user. Designing your survey for mobile platforms in addition to desktops is one of the most crucial components of a user-friendly design. Making your survey easy to complete on mobile platforms lets respondents finish the survey while lounging on the couch, traveling to and from work on public transportation, etc.

Keep Them Focused

It makes sense to try to jam as many questions into your brand awareness survey as possible to collect as much information as possible. However, and we all know this too well, everyone's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. So if you want accurate responses and high completion rates, keep them engaged!

Make sure your questions are concise and employ techniques to keep respondents interested. For example, switch up the queries you're asking and only include those necessary to address your research question.

Use Both Aided and Unaided Questions

Brand surveys wouldn’t be complete without two types of questions: aided and unaided. Both have their advantages and can increase your chances of getting participants to give you thoughtful responses when used in the proper context. Here’s how they work:

Begin Your Survey With Unaided Questions

A great way to start your survey is by posing an open-ended question such as, "What brands come to mind when you think of [insert industry or category of product or service]?”

There should be a text field for respondents to enter as many brands as possible. Then, if your brand appears on that list, the respondent is clearly aware of it.

Get Insights From Aided Questions

After your customers answer some unaided questions, ask about your brand awareness in an aided way. You can do this by providing a list of brands in your industry, including your own, and then asking, "Which of these brand names do you recognize?"

This allows you to distinguish between consumers who are completely unfamiliar with your brand and those who are only mildly aware when prompted.

By combining these two types of questions in your brand awareness survey, you can get a good sense of your brand's level of brand awareness.

Dig A Little Deeper

In addition to assessing brand recall and recognition, your brand awareness survey can also be used to dive deeper into brand perception. For example, if the previous question revealed that respondents knew at least something about your brand, you can use open-ended questions to probe further for better insight: “What words or phrases best describe [insert brand name]?”

Questions like this give the respondents more freedom to express what they truly think about your brand and what they identify it with. This will make it easier for you to build off of their feedback.

Using open-ended questions might help you learn more about your customers' ways of thinking and even unlock ideas you wouldn't have considered in the first place.

Offer Incentives

Remember that your respondents are taking time out of their busy schedules throughout this entire surveying process to help you gather relevant data. Offering rewards for completing your survey will go a long way toward maintaining a respectful relationship and demonstrating your appreciation for their time. Additionally, it increases the likelihood that they'll accurately complete your brand awareness survey

You can set up your survey rewards in many different ways. For example, you can give out cash or discount codes, reward points, vouchers, and more. Alternatively, you could provide a unique gift package with complementary goods. It is crucial to find a good mix between an incentive that inspires respondents and one that will fit within your budget.

Build Awareness With Brand Awareness Surveys

If you’re looking for a way to gather incredibly useful data about how people see your brand and what might persuade them to buy from you, creating a brand awareness survey is the answer you’re looking for! Create an amazing brand awareness survey today with HeyForm.