Customer Stories
Conduct Effective Student Assessments with HeyForm
No student in the history of students has ever liked tests. But they still have an important role in education. With today’s hybrid education model, forced on us by the COVID pandemic, teachers are at their wits end to conduct student assessments virtually.
Lead Generation Simplified with HeyForm
Lead generation is no easy task, especially in B2B. But today, the market is so competitive that one can’t afford to sit idle expect business to develop only by word of mouth.
Onboarding New Patients Efficiently with HeyForm
Patient registration paperwork can be a burden, especially when being admitted or treated at a hospital. A patient in pain or distress, or a bystander whose emotions are running high, is often overwhelmed at the volume of paperwork.
Online Registration and Consent is Easy with HeyForm
Paper based forms are a pain. Printing them out in volume, too bulky to carry around, getting them physically filled out and filing and storing them. Every time a new student joined his class, every time a tournament was held, the joining and consent forms alone created hours of paperwork.
Pandemic or Not, Events go on Without a Hitch using HeyForm
The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives, forcing us to rethink everything from the way organizations are run to how work is done. And many large events, including exhibitions, and conferences, had to be cancelled or held online.
Remote Hiring and Onboarding with HeyForm
Remote hiring is never an easy feat. But the COVID-19 global pandemic has left little choice to businesses. HeyForm can help them streamline the process of gathering quality candidates. Easily collect and manage applicant information, via easy-to-build job applications in HeyForm.