Report Abuse

Report Abuse

At HeyForm, we want your experience to be safe, secure, and harassment-free. In view of this, here are some Community Guidelines on our zero-tolerance policies that we'd like you to follow. If you believe these guidelines are being violated, report here.
We have categorised various kinds of abuse as shown below.

Nudity/Sexual Content

Nudity, graphic sex activities, and other sexually explicit material are not permitted to be shared or published. Links to pornographic sites will not be accepted.
We strictly don't allow anything that encourages or promotes sexual interest toward minors to be shared or published. Law enforcement will be notified about the material and its owner, and their account will be immediately terminated.

Harassment, Bullying, and Threats

Users are not permitted to distribute or post anything that encourages hate or violence against other groups on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity. Users are not permitted to share obscene or graphically violent materials. Information that threatens, harasses, or bullies others, or encourages hazardous or unlawful behavior will be taken down.

Malware and Similar Malicious Content

Users are not permitted to transmit malware or any content that harms or interferes with the operation of the networks, servers, end user devices, or other infrastructure. This includes the direct hosting, embedding, or transmission of malware, viruses, destructive code, or other harmful or unwanted software or similar content. This also includes content that transmits viruses, causes pop-ups, attempts to install software without the user’s consent, or otherwise impacts users with malicious code.

Confidential Information

Users are not permitted to construct questions that request confidential information from respondents. Passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, and other sensitive information are examples. Please be aware that if you do not comply, we may remove HeyForms, erase data, and/or block your account.

Infringing Content

We react to unambiguous reports of suspected copyright infringement as a matter of policy. Please let us know if you own the rights to any item in a HeyForm.

Report Abuse

If you believe a HeyForm falls under one or more of the aforementioned categories, please use the HeyForm below to report it to us.