Lark Suite

Lark is a new kind of office software that is transforming collaboration in the workplace. Lark effectively combines messaging, video conferencing, appointment management, and online collaboration documents into a single platform.

Use HeyForm to connect with your Lark accounts to get notifications whenever someone completes a HeyForm. Lark assists you to bring all your team members to collaborate more efficiently.

Lark Suite Integration

Integrating Lark Suite requires a quick 2-step process that enables you to check your clients submissions through your Lark dashboard using a custom bot in a few minutes:

1. Add Custom Bot

  1. To add a custom bot, you have to click on your existing Lark group or, create a new Lark group and click on settings.

  1. Once you click on the settings simply go to the BOTs tab and click on Add Bot button.

  1. Finally, click on Custom Bot Add button to finish the step process. Once you finish it you will get a URL which has to be place it on HeyForm Lark integration tool.

2. Paste the URL to HeyForm

  1. As mentioned above, copy the URL that you have generated after finishing the step process. Simply click on your existing form that you want to land your submission to your newly created Lark group.

  1. Click on Integration tab and configure Lark Suite integration. Paste the URL that you have generated from the first step and click on the save button to finish the whole process. Now you will start receiving the form submission in your Lark group from now onwards.

More information and support

To learn more about the HeyForm and Lark integration, visit the support page or email [email protected].